On December 18, 2017, the Peanut Pals website received an email from Lois Bartman
regarding a very, very special Birthday milestone.
Read the edited version below.


"Hello Peanut Pals,

I don't know if you remember me.

I was going through my emails and came across messages from 2013. My Aunt Nancy Davi was a Planter Peanuts employee at the San Francisco plant from 1935 - 1951. When I wrote the Peanut Pals that year, she was going to be celebrating her 99th Birthday and I wanted to honor her with something from Planters. Peanut Pals stepped up to the plate with another woman employee and my Aunt received a nice package. Peanut Pals then did an article in the Peanut Papers newsletter and on the website.

I just thought I would let the Peanut Pals and its website visitors that she will be celebrating her 104th birthday on January 22, 2018. She is sharp as a tack and is an amazing, awesome lady.

This photo was taken at a party my mom gave this year. Nancy is on the right and her sister Louise is on the left. They are both awesome women.

Lois Bartman"

The Peanut Pals website on January 22nd, 2018 will be posting a Birthday Greeting to Nancy.