On January 11, 2013, the Peanut Pals website received an email from Lois Bartman
regarding a very special Birthday milestone.
Read the edited version below.


"Hello Peanut Pals,

This will probably be the weirdest email you will receive today. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your people. My Aunt Nancy will celebrate her 99th Birthday on January 22nd. She was a Planters Peanuts employee in the 1930's/1940's. I don't know the specific dates. I am curious if you could do something to honor her for reaching her 99th Birthday. Her name at the time of her employment at Planters  was Nancy Addiego and she worked in the offices at the San Francisco Plant. There will be a party in Salinas, California for her on January 27, 2013 to celebrate the occasion.

Lois Bartman"

The Peanut Pals website on January 22nd posted a 99th Birthday Greeting on the Home Page
and we sent her a couple of complimentary "Peanut Papers" newsletters.

And now we are following that up with a photo of the 99 years young
Nancy Addiego Davi (her married name) and a Proclamation presented to her
from the City of Seaside, California where she now resides, celebrating the event.

The Peanut Pals will be anxiously awaiting news of the 100!!!!!! celebration.

former Planters Peanuts San Francisco Plant Employee