Photos and Information contributed by Peanut Pal Tony Scola
Posted January 24, 2024

AD - Full page color ad from a 1930 magazine showing the various types of peanuts available wholesale in burlap bags.

PAMPHLET - Unusual order form for the "Complete World of Mr. Peanut" and "Mr. Peanut's Guide to Physical Fitness" booklets and certificates. You could also order 15 minute films made by the New York Jets and New York Yankees about various aspects of football and baseball. The pamphlet also has some peanut nutritional data.

COUPON - 1950's era coupon redeemable at the Peanut Store for a free souvenir. Coupon has been seen in varying colors- white, pink, light green. etc.

DISPLAY NO. 1 - Cardboard displays wit tear sheets for 1970's premiums such as the Round Rider, Super Sled and Plastic Pedal Car.

DISPLAY NO. 3 - Cardboard grocery store display from the 1970's. A mail-in offer for a portable grill (a generic on, not the Planters can style Hibachi one) or a Mr. Peanut kite.

BADGE - Laminated paper visitor's badge to the Suffolk Virginia plant, probably 1970's.

PRESS RELEASE - January 1988 press release/brochure announcing Planters' sponsorship of the Newman-Sharp Racing Team, which featured renowned actor and racing enthusiast Paul Newman as one of the drivers. According to the release, actor Tom Cruise was a driver for the team as well. The car competed in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) circuit. Information in the brochure includes photos of the car, Mr. Newman in his racing suit, Planters company history, car specs,etc.


BOX - 1960's era box that once held 24 - 5 cent Jumbo Block Candy bars.

STICKER - Planters 1960's Quality Assurance label, probably for in-house factory usage.

PRESS KIT - 2001 Planters Informational press release and kit describing the health benefits of nuts.

DISPLAY NO. 2 - Cardboard store display for the Vintage Style Thermometer. 1983.

DISPLAY NO. 4 - This was done in conjunction with Smokey Bear and features a mail-in offer for a fire extinguisher. This is an unusual Mr. Peanut image for this era, with a much more detailed body and face, sort of throwback to the 1930's/1940's version.

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