Photos and Information contributed by Peanut Pal Tony Scola
Posted July 1, 2023

COUNTER DISPLAY - Cast metal jar holder, almost certainly for a Clipper Jar. The flat base has "Planters" in cursive and "Salted Peanuts" in block letters. The raised lettering would have originally had a gold finish on it. What makes the piece so stunning is the nearly 14" high three color Mr. Peanut which stands on its own little box coming off of the base. The base is 10-1/2" wide and 9-1/2" deep. Marked on the bottom "American Art Works Coshocton Ohio". 1938 vintage.

CARD #1 - NASCAR card which features Mr. Peanut with the #98 Planters/Banquet Frozen Foods race car, as well as drivers Travis Carter and Butch Miller. Planters racing gear is pictured on the back of the card, along with an order form. 6" x 9". 1990.

CARD #2 - As above, except the drivers are Travis Carter and Jimmy Spencer, and the "running" Planters Racing Team logo takes the place of Mr. Peanut. 1991.

BUMPER STICKER - Given away at a 1986 Providence College (Rhode Island) hockey game, and signed by sportscaster Sean McDonough. Advertising the Planters Peanut Bar (known to the rest of us as the Jumbo Block).

PLAYBILL - From the Cort Theatre (138 W. 48th Street), for the Broadway play "Room Service" (1937).  The cover of the Playbill feature a view of Times Square, with the Planters Peanuts neon sign on the front of the Times Building.

NUTSTALGIA BOX AND GIFTS - Nutstalgia was a Christmas 2021 Planters promotion that was supposed to be like celebrating Christmas circa 1984. You had to enter the sweepstakes online and there were 7800 winners, who would receive a colorful cardboard box (pictured) filled with swag, including a white bucket hat, a slap band (for your wrist), a small drawstring sack, a wristwatch, a fanny pack and a pair of athletic socks, all of which say Planters on them (also pictured). At the bottom of the box was a waxy paper insert with various symbols on it like a top hat, a bowl of peanuts etc. In addition, each box contained 1980's style low tech toys and games like a Slinky, jacks, Twister and a Wooly Willy magnetic drawing game, as well as a cassette player and DVD's of older movies like a Christmas Story and Jumanji. Most people online appeared to hav kept the non-Planters items and are selling the Planters gear, while others kept all the contents and are just selling the cardboard box!

BROCHURE - A press release packet from 1999 promoting Planters" three year sponsorship contract as an official NASCAR sponsor. The packet contains driver photos, a Mr. Peanut fact sheet (which references the Peanut Pals), and various images of the Planters NASCAR logo of that time, with Mr. Peanut waving the checker flag.


ARTICLE - Small story from a 1927 publication discussing the unique manufacturing issues face by Millspaugh and Irish, an Indianapolis auto body manufacturing firm, as they made a fleet of 12 first generation NutMobiles. The firm was out of business by the following year. An interesting history of the company can be found at along with some photos of the Planters car. Each shell indentation had to be hammered and painted, and the Mr. Peanut was hinged so as to tilt back in case of a low overpass. The salesman would put his items in the hollow area under the figure.

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