Photos and Information contributed by Peanut Pal Tony Scola
Posted August 26, 2021

OIL CAN - Circa 1950's one gallon Hi-Hat Peanut Oil can. In the photo, the more common oil can is to the right. On the variant can to your left, the font of "Planters" is cursive, and the words "Hi-Hat" are significantly larger. The blue lettering underneath also say the oil is "For Energy Building and Medicinal Uses". There are a host of more minor variations in the graphics as well.

COOLER - Plastic round cooler with zip top closure. Possibly Canadian, 1970's. Stands 14" high, and says "Planters Snacks", with an image of Mr. Peanut.

BAG - Clear plastic bag which once held 20 smaller single serve peanut bags. Canadian, from Lowney's ownership of Planter, 1960's-70's. 14" long, 7' wide.

SALESMAN'S LITERATURE - Pages from a Canadian salesman's 3-ring binder for 1970's/80's product. These have neat images of unusual Canadian die cut display boxes, including Tavern Nuts and All Star Pack Peanuts.

ENVELOPE -  Planters Nut and Chocolate Company air mail envelope, 6-1/2" long, 3-3/4" tall. 1930's-40's.


PUZZLE/COLORING PAGES -  Kraft Heinz has partnered two of its brand icons. This was an item available briefly earlier in 2020 as a response to children during the pandemic. The graphics are printed directly onto the shipping box. Inside the box are several items featuring Baby Pnut and Kool-Aid man, including five paper sheets to color, a box of Crayola crayons and a jigsaw puzzle. You may recall that it was Kool-Aid man's tears that fell on Mr. Peanut's grave that led to his reincarnation as Baby Pnut, so these two do share a special bond. Oh Yeah!!!! This is the first piece of Planters advertising in many years geared towards children.

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