Photos and Information contributed by Peanut Pal Tony Scola
Posted December 18, 2018

PROFIT FINDER WHEEL - Cardboard disc with rotating center that allows retailer to calculate their profit margin. Says "compliments of Planter's (sic) Oil." Measures 4-1/2" in diameter. 1965.

BOX - Corrugated cardboard shipping box. On two sides, there is a scene of Mr. Peanut feeding peanuts peanuts to the world, a rare image that has been seen previously on a trolley sign. Writing says "The world goes nuts over Planters chocolate covered peanuts." This once contained 12 boxes each of 24-5 cents bags. The short side of the box shows a soldier and says "You can serve-by saving! Buy war savings stamps & bonds." There is a 1943 date stamped on the box bottom. It measures 18" high, 12" wide and 9-1/2" deep.

GOLF PIN - One of a set of six icon pins made for the Kraft Nabisco Women's Golf Championship in 2006. The other icons were Sugar Bear, Kool Aid man, C.Rex (Kraft mac and cheese mascot), Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile, and a golf ball with flag. The tournament was played March 30-April 2, 2006 at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California. This was the 35th edition of the tournament, hence the number 35 on the flag pin. Tournament was won by Karrie Webb.

STEIN - A ceramic 8-1/2" tall stein with 1960's era Mr. Peanut on one side.

PEANUT OIL CAN - A one gallon Canadian metal can for Planters Peanut Oil. Standard Brands era, 1960's. French writing on one side, English on the other. Stands 9-1/4" high, 6-1/2" wide and 4" deep.

GREENSKEEPER TOOL - A foldout pronged tool is for cleaning your golf shoe cleats, and there are two dime sized ball markers as well. Stamped "Zippo" on the blade. 1960's-70's. The cover is identical to a Zippo fold out knife shown in a Peanut Papers, Peanut Pals club newsletter from March/April 2006.


SUFFOLK DIRECTORY - 1987 Suffolk Virginia phone directory. There are Planters ads printed onto the pages of the closed book on three sides ("Suffolk-the home of Mr. Peanut and Planters Products"), as well as a full page interior ad.

THUMB DRIVE - The figural thumb drive is seen occasionally for sale online, but the peanut shaped one (says "Naturally Remarkable") is much less common.

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