"Peanut Pals" A 12-pg. 
advertising booklet 
featuring Mr. Peanut, 
published by Planters in 1927.

Peanut Pals was founded in 1978 by Judith Walthall after she and her family began collecting Mr. Peanut items and discovered many of the items they found had never been documented and that much of the information had been lost over the years. 

Planters President Douglas Lauder gave his consent in April of 1978 to the formation of a club, and later, Ted LoCascio, a long-time employee of Planters, and offered his support. On Nov. 1, 1978, the first Peanut Pals Newsletter was sent to 23 charter members. The first year the club existed only for the purpose of publishing the bi-monthly newsletter in order to establish communication between its 23 members. Permission was also received for use of the Mr. Peanut name and device, and Planters was given to Peanut Pals.

The first convention was held in Indianapolis, Ind. in July 1980, with Judith Walthall as first chairperson. Sixty-three members and guests attended. By early 1981, Peanut Pals had grown to 115 members and a second was held in October 1981 in Suffolk, Virginia, in conjunction with Planters' 75th Anniversary celebration.

Peanut Pals is a non-profit organization which currently has more than 400 collectors of Mr. Peanut items from throughout the United States and Canada. 

We are also receiving inquiries from other foreign nations .Peanut Pals encourages all those interested in collecting Planters and Mr. Peanut memorabilia to contact us and join with others who share in their interest. Planters Peanuts started in 1906 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  

In 1916 the company held a contest to create a company logo.  A fourteen year-old schoolboy, Antonio Gentile won the contest with his drawing of a Peanut Man and a commercial artist later added spats, a top hat, a monocle, and a cane to the drawing, and Mr. Peanut was born. 



1980 -  Indianapolis, Indiana 1995 - Mahwah, New Jersey 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada
1981 - Suffolk, Virginia 1996 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina 2011 - Washington, D.C.
1982 - Reading, Pennsylvania 1997 - Lansing, Michigan 2012 - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 
1983 - Nashville, Tennessee 1998 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2013 - Charleston, West Virginia 
1984 - Ann Arbor, Michigan 1999 - St. Louis, Missouri 2014 - Cromwell, Connecticut 
1985 - Pasadena, California 2000 - Rochester, New York 2015 - Akron, Ohio
1986 - Suffolk, Virginia 2001 - College Park, Maryland 2016 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1987 - Parsippany, New Jersey 2002 - Atlantic City, New Jersey 2017 - Las Vegas, Nevada
1988 - Atlanta, Georgia 2003 - Winter Haven, Florida 2018 - Baltimore, Maryland
1989 - Reading, Pennsylvania 2004 - Bloomington, Minnesota 2019 - Washington, D.C.
1990 - Pasadena, California 2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada 2020 - No Convention
1991 - Memphis, Tennessee 2006 - Atlanta, Georgia 2021 - Gardena, California
1992 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2007 - Suffolk, Virginia 2022 - Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
1993 - Winchester, Virginia 2008 - St. Petersburg, Florida  
1994 - Meriden, Connecticut 2009 - Springfield, Illinois  


1980-1982  Phil Redman 1994-1998  Bob Walthall 2014-     Scott Schmitz
1982-1984  Tom Eskew 1998-2002  Greg Puszkiewicz  
1984-1986  Charlie Camelleri 2002-2006  Tony Scola  
1986-1990  Leonard Calabrese 2006-2012  Lyle Augustine  
1990-1994  Joe Stivaletti 2012-2014  Rick Johnson  

We encourage anyone wanting to collect and gain knowledge of Mr. Peanut/Planters Peanuts Advertising, Memorabilia and Collectibles
to contact us and enjoy the benefits of being a member of Peanut Pals.
A 1 year Peanut Pals Membership includes 6 Newsletters, our Membership Directory and more!
As a member of Peanut Pals you will have the benefits of attending our conventions that are held in various locations
around the country. You will have access to the largest marketplace of Mr. Peanut/Planters Peanuts items in the world.
You can buy and sell at our swap meets, auctions and want ads in the  Peanut Papers newsletter. It also gives you access
to our club members who are most knowledgeable about Mr. Peanut and Planters Peanuts history.

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